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« Put those things away. Have some decency. Do that somewhere else. »


For breastfeeding mothers, these harsh words are all too familiar. And all too often, the abuse doesn’t stop at words. Humiliating and harassing new mothers for an act as natural as breastfeeding leaves them feeling even more isolated in a vulnerable time. We believe every mother has her own way of nourishing her child, and the right to do so safely. A mother should never feel afraid to do so, whether by breast or bottle. The purpose of the Uncover project is simple: to destigmatize breastfeeding in public.


This cover, placed over your magazine, newspaper, or book, creates an optical illusion that turns you into a breastfeeding person —helping to normalize the act everywhere.

The uncover
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« Je me suis toujours sentie très à l’aise d’allaiter partout car c'est le repas de mon bébé. Il a faim, je le nourris, c'est tout. On a tellement sexualisé le corps des femmes que maintenant on a peur que quelqu'un réagisse mal.
C'est très triste.»